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McCusker should take a look in the mirror

I WAS mildly amused by Colin McCusker referring to me as a self-publicist while seeking publicity himself (Comment, January 26). The fact that he started his article by dining out on his father's legacy is evidence that he has little to say for himself.

I would deduce from what Mr McCusker had to say that, while the rest of Northern Ireland is coping with Budget cuts to public services, a stagnant economy and unemployment, his only political offering is that he is a unionist.

Mr McCusker appears unaware that the people I work with don't ask about the euro (upon which the Alliance Party has been clear that the conditions for joining will not be met in the foreseeable future - not the one that he mis-cited).

However, they do ask about water charges, about budgetary savings and even about voting reform - all issues which candidates from his party take differing public positions from. They are also concerned about access to health services, lack of social housing and an education system that is failing our young people.

Mr McCusker would be better sorting out policy stances on the real issues among his colleagues before attacking others.

I pity the electorate in Upper Bann if Mr McCusker becomes a MLA, because it would appear that his political capability does not extend beyond flag-waving.


Alliance Party


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