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McGuinness as First Minister is a scare story

Of course people are more interested in Martin McGuinness being First Minister rather than in the economy. Why? Because Peter Robinson wants us to be.

Of course Martin McGuinness might become First Minister. Why? Because the DUP allowed this to be the case in the St Andrews Agreement.

Peter Robinson and his colleagues should be congratulated. In the face of real economic hardship the DUP election strategy is: vote for me or you get my scary friend and colleague.

Clearly, this type of political logic has no real policies, nothing to say about the health service, education or the economy.

Instead, they hope that by subtly scaring the electorate with the nightmare of a Sinn Fein First Minister they can avoid dealing with the real issues.

Such a tactic will deliver a unionist First Minister, but not much else.

Clearly, Peter Robinson doesn't want us to look at his policies; those he does have are a mixture of aspiration and fantasy.

So we must challenge the DUP candidates when they come to our doors asking for our votes.

Make sure they get the real message: we don't care about your puerile, who's-the-king-of-the-castle games; we want a decent education, we need jobs and a properly funded health service.


Portadown, Co Armagh


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