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McGuinness as First Minister is irrelevant

It's a moot point if Martin McGuinness becomes First Minister in the forthcoming elections for, as we all know, he is joint-First Minister anyway. Rumour is they dropped the 'and' from the OFMDFM acronym as it would be too close to the knuckle for some.

Either way, the UUP should reconsider any pacts with the DUP and concentrate on how Sinn Fein are allegedly encouraging and abetting the grooming of child soldiers, as the Belfast Telegraph has reported (News, March 22).

But before we point the finger, let us ask ourselves why significant numbers of nationalists (and unionists) vote for such people.

As a UUP association officer, I will examine my own house and suggest we allowed our message to be lost in a fog of mixed signals and inter/intra unionist fighting.

We should redraft the UUP constitution and start again, so that it is inclusive of all the people of Northern Ireland.


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