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McGuinness' criticism of Brady is pure hypocrisy

The gut-churning hypocrisy of Martin McGuinness apparently knows no bounds.

Cardinal Brady is rightly condemned for failing to report a fellow priest who had abused - and through the Cardinal's inaction was able to continue abusing - dozens of young children.

People are outraged and are demanding the Cardinal's resignation. Self-confessed IRA leader McGuinness says that the Cardinal should "consider his position".

But that same terrorist leader McGuinness has clearly been set above the law by a hypocritical Northern Ireland public which tolerates his refusal to identify his IRA compatriots who murdered hundreds.

Cardinal Brady has been rightly condemned for employing the 'Nuremburg defence' ("I was only obeying orders"). McGuinness must have actually given orders, - although we are not allowed to ask what they were, and how many suffered as a result of those orders.

I accuse the craven, cowardly and amoral public of Northern Ireland of precisely the same sins of omission for which Cardinal Brady is being castigated: failing to ask questions about McGuinness's past; failing to demand a thorough investigation of that past; and failing to insist that the law should take its course.

Whenever someone tries to condemn McGuinness for his IRA activities, hordes of voices shout: "That's all in the past. Get a life. Move on."

Cardinal Brady must wish the hypocritical public would apply the same whitewash to the issue of child-abuse in the 1970s.




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