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McGuinness, like all, will be judged by God

Reverend David Latimer of the Presbyterian Church spoke at Martin McGuinness's funeral service.

Part of the clergyman's oration contained the following two statements: "Today, we thank God for Martin McGuinness" and "as a result of God's amazing grace, that's able to transform all of us, I'm looking forward to praising God with him (Martin McGuinness) in the heavenly places".

Rev Latimer was correct when he said God's amazing grace is able to transform. In fact, God's grace is not only "able" to transform, but actually is effectual in "transforming" sinners.

It is obvious that Rev Latimer counts Martin McGuinness as one of God's elect, saved by grace and redeemed by the blood of Christ, judging by his statement. Has the minister personal knowledge of this? Had Martin McGuinness told him about his "conversion" experience? Was Martin McGuinness living a life in obedience to the Bible?

Rev Latimer clearly believes Martin McGuinness will be in Heaven. That's interesting. May I ask him simply this: "When?" The Roman Catholic clergy who took part in the service, according to their teachings, believe Martin McGuinness to be in a place they call purgatory, where he will be suffering for his sins.

Not one of these men, not a Roman Catholic archbishop, in fact, not even the Pope himself, know when this purgatorial suffering ends for a person. The only people who leave this place are those who become "saints", made such by the Pope himself. I doubt this "privilege" will be afforded to Martin McGuinness.

Like everyone that has ever lived and that ever will live, Martin McGuinness will stand before the great judge of Heaven and Earth one day to give an account of his life on Earth. Then, and only then, will we definitely know if Martin McGuinness was one of God's elect.

sola gratia

Ballymena, Co Antrim

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