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McGuinness' message is damaging prospects

Interesting to read Niall O'Connor's report (Online, July 19) about Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny hinting at a poll for Northern Ireland to leave the United Kingdom and, instead, join the Irish province of the European Union.

No doubt we shall soon hear Kenny making some statement to the effect that this is his last territorial demand in Europe.

Of course, Kenny has a strong ally in Northern Ireland's deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness, who has also been pushing - less diplomatically - for the same outcome.

It is disgraceful that a minister in Northern Ireland's devolved Government should ignore the result of a UK-wide referendum and sow seeds of doubt internationally about Northern Ireland's future.

McGuinness seems to want to promote a message of a lack of stability and thus destroy all prospects of foreign investment in Northern Ireland.

It is time for First Minister Arlene Foster to realise the damage being caused by McGuinness and withdraw from coalition with his party.


Lisburn, Co Antrim

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