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McGuinness preaches concern for victims of terror abroad while scorning those murdered by the IRA

letter of the day: Homegrown horror

I read the statement, "Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of those who have lost loved ones, or have been seriously injured in this vicious attack" and I thought this must be a statement taken from the archives about the attacks on the people of Northern Ireland by IRA murderers and I immediately thought of Teebane, Kingsmills, Claudy, Enniskillen and La Mon - to name just a few.

But who had his name subscribed to it? Why, none other than the self-acknowledged IRA leader from Londonderry, Martin McGuinness.

It is easy to issue platitudes from a distance; it would seem much more sincere if he visited the families of those viciously murdered by the IRA and apologised to them and disclosed the names of the perpetrators who not only carried out the vicious attacks, but also the informers who provided the IRA with information to carry out the attacks.

The vast majority in Northern Ireland acknowledge the horror of Nice, but it should not be forgotten that, compared to Northern Ireland, this was a minor tragedy.

This claim may seem somewhat unsympathetic, but it is not meant to be. In comparative terms, the position is that there are 66.6 million people in France. Northern Ireland has a population of just 1.8 million - a ratio of approximately 37:1.

If this attack was similar to Teebane, there would have been 296 slaughtered; Kingsmills would have been 370 - just to name two of the atrocities carried out by the organisation of which the Deputy First Minister still claims to be proud to have been a member.

When will Martin advise President Hollande that he must meet the leaders of the organisation which arranged this massacre and facilitate them becoming members of the government?

Pending all this happening, will they, like Martin, be given the telephone number of the French equivalent of the late Mo Mowlam so, if they are detained by the French security forces, they can call and be released?


Ballymena, Co Antrim

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