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McIlroy staying loyal to country that aided him

Rory McIlroy has finally made up his mind, that he will play for the Republic in the next Olympics. I see nothing wrong with that.

I do not play golf, I know nothing about it, and at 78 I have no desire to learn how to play it.

But I do know something which Rory's critics should also know. Northern Ireland offers nothing to those who wish to take up golf as a sport, whereas the Republic gives free training along with financial support, and every opportunity for hopefuls to progress towards their dream.

Rory is a prime example of benefiting from this opportunity and he should be congratulated for displaying loyalty to those who assisted in making him a superstar.

I'm certain that if politicians in NI gave the same opportunities for those who want to learn golf, as they do in the Republic, Rory would have been equally honoured to represent team GB.

So, I don't blame Rory, but lay the blame where it belongs, – at the non-producing politicians that can do nothing but create division and hate while being rewarded much more that they are worth.



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