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ME care shoudn’t be down to luck

The letter that Paul and Janet McCann wrote (Specialist help for ME sufferers is lacking, Write Back, August 25), telling of the great help, advice and support they have had for their teenage daughter, who is severely affected with ME, and for which they are relieved and most grateful, illustrates just how enormously variable the provision of care can be for all people with ME.

Especially compared with the experience of the Christie family for their loved one David, similarly affected (ME has stolen my son's life, but there's no help', Belfast Telegraph, August 12), to which they are replying.

But it shouldn't be a matter of luck, should it?

We're all delighted to hear about the ones who get the best care and do well; it's the ones who don't whom we remain concerned about.

It shouldn't be hard to figure that the best currently available care should be the minimum standard for all, rather than being regarded as exceptional for a fortunate few.



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