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Media as guilty of falsehood as Korean tyrant

The death of the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il and, particularly, the reaction of his subjects/victims clearly demonstrates how susceptible we humans are to the magnetism of power.

Of course, it is a power-subservient media that conditions us into acceptance of those who govern us.

What was especially ironic was the hypocrisy of the western media and its local outlets which insisted that Kim was a 'communist' dictator and that he governed a 'communist state' and the people loved him because they were brain-washed.

If this was simply a manifestation of journalistic ignorance we could repudiate the nonsense, whereas the unfortunate Koreans living within a state-capitalist tyranny might imperil their liberty, or their lives.

Obviously, the former is preferable to the latter, but it could be argued that the absurdities that nourish our religious and political fictions are just as effectively - and more economically - instilled by a self-censoring media.




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