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Media cynicism of no help when assessing talks

WITH many organisations supporting our politicians in the talks process, it was with bemusement that I saw page 4 of the Belfast Telegraph (November 14) sarcastically apologising to readers for a lack of political updates. Surely it would have been more helpful, as Senator Gary Hart's piece so elegantly achieved in the same edition, to re-emphasise the importance of the talks.

The Make It Work campaign highlights the progress we have made but also presents the lucid and compelling demand: 'Make it Work'.

Difficult decisions lie ahead, but we hope that our media will critique and challenge representatives rather than just snipe from the sidelines. Senator Hart wrote that the ghosts of the past must not be allowed to haunt the future; similarly, conventional cynicism here must not provide an excuse for politicians to repeat mistakes made in previous negotiations.

A bit more media innovation, and less passive aggression, can go a long way.


Chair, Make it Work

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