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Media muddying the waters on abortion

The involuntary loss of a pregnancy at any stage through miscarriage is devastating for mothers, fathers and the wider family circle.

Unfortunately, recent media debates have obfuscated the important distinction between miscarriage (often rather insensitively referred to as 'spontaneous' or 'medical' abortion) and deliberate abortion.

A miscarriage arises when the heartbeat ceases and the baby has, sadly, died in the womb. Medical intervention may be required to deliver or surgically remove the baby's remains.

This is in stark contrast to deliberate abortion, which involves a decision to prematurely and intentionally end life before birth.

It is also wrong to claim that the Catholic hierarchy urges voters to vote for a particular party.

Catholic teaching values life from conception to natural death and, unsurprisingly, promotes the need for the law to protect the unborn from deliberate abortion.

The voter is free to determine which candidate does this best.


Iona Institute, Belfast

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