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Media should only serve the public interest

The media is in one of its feeding frenzies - this time over the Andrew Marr super-injunction, because you feel you should have freedom to publish whatever you like (within the laws of libel) about anyone's private life.

We need a privacy law that restricts publication of details of anyone's private life to that which may be in the public interest.

That should allow the publication of things about politicians or pundits who make public pronouncements on morality. But sports people? Actors? How many of them hold forth on such things?

Marr is accused of hypocrisy because he had previously written that he thought these things should be dealt with by a privacy law, not via the decisions of judges.

But governments have refused to deal with the subject so he used what was available to him. And until this is dealt with, super-injunctions will continue.

And who of us doesn't have the odd little secret?


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