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Media trend-setters ignore unionist songs

Henry McDonald, on the low-intensity "cultural war" (the Bobby Sands' film being but one instance) between the traditions in Northern Ireland (Comment, August 10), writes of the absence of anything in the media from a working-class unionist tradition, in contrast to the time given to the sympathetic portrayal of those of a separatist republicanism.

It's surely not so much this absence that should be noted, but rather the ignoring by media trend-setters when something is written.

How often in the media has one heard James Simmons' haunting Ballad of Claudy (on the IRA atrocity against working-class people in the village of Claudy)? It could have provided a background in the words (the names and what they were doing when killed) and the music, by coming in, from time to time, in the Bobby Sands' film. Again, has not the potential in Sam Keery's The Last Romantic Out of Belfast, set in east Belfast working-class Protestant life and the patriotic fervour at the end of the Second World War, been largely ignored, despite good reviews when published?



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