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Medical centre is answer to Maze mystery

Like so many things in Northern Ireland, the problem of what to do with the Maze Prison persists without resolution.

Having lost interest in this some time ago, I confess to not knowing if the proposal for a multi-purpose sports stadium (in the middle of nowhere) and conflict resolution centre (IRA shrine) is still on the table. But with plans to renovate Windsor Park, and the successful construction of a new stand at Ravenhill, I assume this remains a white elephant.

My interest has been renewed after having struck upon what seems to me to be the most obvious proposal for the best use of the site: a medical facility. Surely there is a need in Northern Ireland for medical facilities to cover a wide range of conditions, not least with regards to hospice care and centres for rehabilitation.

Wouldn't the people of Northern Ireland be better served by The Long Kesh Cancer Centre, The Long Kesh Centre for Eating Disorders, or The Long Kesh Dementia Trust? The possibilities to help make a difference in all our lives in our shared future is non-exhaustive. Am I alone in thinking a medical facility is the answer to: 'What to do with a problem like Long Kesh?' Other than locking them all back up, of course.




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