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Men have no right to pontificate on abortion

I read Write Back with interest and have noted a certain pattern to the pro-life writers of many of the submissions: the vast majority are male.

It is women who overwhelmingly deal with the consequences of unplanned pregnancy. While men can theorise about the sanctity of life, there is an obvious sense of detachment from the women faced with a crisis pregnancy.

This is very often true in cases where the father has elected not to take part in the raising of the child he helped conceive.

Nine out of 10 single parent families here are headed by a female parent; 52% of children in lone parent families live in poverty.

Luckily for many of the writers of these letters, they will never be in the position where they will have to undergo an abortion, or beg a bank for an extension on an overdraft so they can arrange travel to England.

They write from a place of privilege and I hope that, next time, when they defend the lack of choice for women in Northern Ireland, they pause to reflect on that.


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