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Merry Christmas, everyone

Christmas is not just a holiday we celebrate but a holy day - the birth of Jesus Christ. The word 'holiday' is a derivative of the term 'holy day'. On its own 'happy holidays' is merely a term of exclusion, signifying nothing other than the happy wish to have the freedom to do as one pleases - to have a holiday from whatever it is that binds.

Taken to its logical conclusion, this is a wish for anarchy. In contrast, 'Merry Christmas' is all inclusive.

It about faith, prayer and offering. It is about rediscovering joy and the solidarity of friendship, the human tenderness of relations and the piety of souls of enchanted children and adults.

Just as Jesus Christ came to earth and stripped himself of divine glory in order to become poor for men of all races, creeds and colours, so 'Merry Christmas' is an expression of that same holy gesture which we extend at Christmas toward people of all faiths and cultures.

In advancement of faith, family and fraternity may we all strive to keep Christ in Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone.

Paul Kokoski, Canada

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