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Met police don’t follow PSNI policy on firearms

Contrast the different responses. Here, 16 night custody staff at Maghaberry jail are suspended pending disciplinary procedures when a prisoner, who had previously committed murder, took his own life.

In London, totally innocent Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes is brutally shot dead by undercover police, in broad daylight, on a London tube train.

De Menezes is shot five times in the head by a specially trained firearms squad from the Metropolitan police.

Following the shooting, none of the officers is charged and later some even receive promotion.

In the aftermath of the incident no one, including the then Met chief Sir Ian Blair, is willing to take responsibility for the lies told about Mr de Menezes’ death and the attempted cover-up by police. According to a Met police spokesman no mistakes were made and no one was to be held accountable! Again, contrast this to the procedure the PSNI operate under.

If any officer so much as removes their pistol from its holster, while under threat, they are required to submit a full, detailed written explanation to the Police Ombudsman. But I suppose they just do things differently in England. It’s just their way.

T J McClean


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