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Michael Collins was no democrat

Michael McDowell's advocacy on RTE of Michael Collins as the greatest Irishman concealed more than it revealed.

We could have got dominion status, like Canada and Northern Ireland got their parliaments, with a shake of the hand.

This was also on offer to us in 1914, 1916 and even on a 32-county basis in January 1918.

Collins was wedded to violence, as can be seen on Bloody Sunday, when his Squad shot 19, of whom only five were probable spies.

As regards Collins' commitment to democracy, his men put a gun to the head of a returning officer and forced him to change the results of one election.

One of Collins' squad, Charlie Dalton, caught three unarmed boys putting up anti-treaty posters in Drumcondra. He took the boys to Red Cow crossroad and shot them.

Collins also lied to his own colleagues in the Free State Government and supplied rifles to the IRA in Northern Ireland in order to destabilise that government.

Stephen Fallon, Limerick

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