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Michelle O'Neill blames civil servants yet Sinn Fein has refused to form a government for almost nine months



Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

I was not surprised to see Michelle O'Neill's claims that civil servants are playing politics with the lives of vulnerable people over proposed health spending cuts (News, August 26). It is the favourite displacement tactic of Sinn Fein to blame others for things for which they are equally guilty.

We see it all the time: the denunciation of punishment assaults and attacks on the police by dissident republicans, while at the same time condoning the same type of human rights abuses by the IRA as a historical imperative.

The great welfare reform struggle to protect "the most vulnerable people in society", which led to £120m being lost to the Executive in penalties, while Sinn Fein's red line promise that no one on welfare benefits would be worse off, proved illusory, as anyone with a calculator and five minutes to spare knew.

Yet, it is held up by Sinn Fein as all the fault of Tory austerity. Move on. Nothing to see here. And now this.

In Sinn Fein's parallel universe, where they and the DUP have failed to deliver a functioning government for almost nine months and where the crisis in our public services has been created by the short-sighted mismanagement of successive Executives over 10 years, Michelle O'Neill finds it totally unacceptable that money is being cut from health service budgets by civil servants.

The intransigence of both Sinn Fein and the DUP to shift from red lines of their own making and show the leadership required to address these pressing issues in government is ignored - just as we, in turn, should ignore Ms O'Neill's bleating from the sidelines for the contrived posturing that it is.

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