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Mickey Harte told 'stick to football' in abortion row

Who told Mickey Harte to 'stick to football'? A lot of people have a lot of time for Mickey Harte, particularly because of the dignified way he handles himself.

 He is as entitled to speak his mind as any politician. If he ever chose to stand for political office, it is most likely that he would wipe the floor with any opposition – no matter who.

T J McClean

T J McClean: It was Anna Lo who made that statement. Maybe you should have read the article properly.

Jaded City Boy

Jaded City Boy: Anna Lo is implying that only politicians should be allowed to hold political debate.


Jaded City Boy: As a football manager, he is, of course, an expert on abortion. He's the man who would know. Maybe next week Wayne Rooney can put his thoughts on the matter in print. A lot of people have a lot of time for him.


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