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Midwives don’t bully new mums

I must take issue with the recent article by your columnist Jane Graham (Why it's right to fight the breast is best brigade) as I feel that some of her comments are deeply unfair to NHS staff.

I don't know which maternity hospital Ms Graham refers to when she describes witnessing the ‘aggressive’ midwives bullying new mothers into breastfeeding, but nothing could be further from my own experience.

When my son was born in the RVH a couple of years ago, two of the women on the post-natal ward were breastfeeding and two were bottlefeeding.

The hospital provided free formula milk for the bottlefeeding mothers and staff even brought the feeds to the mothers' bedsides at night.

I did not witness anyone being ‘pushed into breastfeeding’.

I did not hear midwives ‘threatening fragile new mothers'.

Furthermore, I find it very difficult to believe that any health professional would or could refuse a parent access to formula milk, as Jane Graham describes.

Their first duty of care remains to the child and no newborn baby can be allowed to go without milk for any length of time.

J Morrow


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