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Millions of refugees reached by Oxfam campaign

The year 2014 saw the largest number of displaced people worldwide since the Second World War - with more than 51.2 million, three-quarters of whom are women and children, paying the price for an alarming lack of global peace and security.

That figure is more than 30 times the population of Northern Ireland. But this is more than a record-breaking statistic - it is a brutal reminder of the human cost of conflict, with each statistic representing an individual who has had to flee, leaving behind their home, belongings, friends and often family.

People in Northern Ireland have been generous in support of those in crisis, as our taxes have ensured that the UK and Irish governments have contributed to international relief efforts.

Thanks also to all those who contributed to Oxfam through our shops and via other channels - with your help, in 2014, Oxfam reached six million people with lifesaving aid by working in some of the world's worst humanitarian emergencies, including Syria.

Syrian refugees need to be visible. That is why Oxfam Ireland is jointly launching the EUsaveLIVES campaign with the European Commission's humanitarian aid department (ECHO). The European Union is a world-leading humanitarian aid donor.

Without aid, millions would not survive. European solidarity for refugees and displaced people is vital for humanitarian aid to make a life-saving impact.


CEO, Oxfam Ireland

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