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Minister running postcode lottery

Please allow me, through your newspaper, to thank everyone associated with AQE for the wonderful job they have all performed since stepping into the void created by our Education Minister.

As a family, we have found the service provided by AQE over the past year to be first class and we are extremely grateful that AQE provided the vehicle through which my son was given a chance to transfer to his school of choice - a choice that would have been denied to him by the Department of Education's Transfer 2010 process.

When visiting schools during January open events, it was quite alarming to see the range of facilities available to different schools. It is astonishing that the Education Minister should promote what is, in effect, a postcode lottery whenever there are clear inequalities between schools.

Instead of trying to destroy Northern Ireland's grammar schools, the minister should be striving to bring all post-primary schools up to the high standards that our grammar schools achieve.

Only then will she have a case to abolish academic selection.

Well done AQE. You have done Northern Ireland and P7 pupils proud.


Ballywater, Co Down


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