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Minister should have aired the pain of the victims

I find it most bizarre to note that the Rev David Latimer has constantly resorted to the line, "I'm not a politician, but a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ" in an effort to defend his performance at the recent Sinn Fein conference.

A quick check of the New Testament will reveal that ministers of the Gospel of Christ told the truth, issued robust challenges and did not airbrush the iniquities of their audiences, but rather confronted them with a clear call to repentance.

Regrettably, Mr Latimer displayed little of the characteristics of a minister of the Gospel of Christ when he made his appearance at the Sinn Fein conference.

Not a single Bible reference. Not a solitary challenge. Rather, in a simpering, self-promoting performance, he chose to confer what is likely to be the most inappropriate word of congratulation we will hear in our lifetime, before revising history in such a way that would fill the most ardent republicans with pride - and further riddle their victims with pain.

Mr Latimer would spend his time more profitably if he took soundings from the true victims in our country and tried to understand the rawness of their wounds. He would then be far less likely to allow himself to be cast in the role of a propagandist for unrepentant terrorists.

Rev Ian Brown

Londonderry Free Presbyterian Church


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