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Minister Storey needs to provide facts on housing

I welcome the recent response from the minister responsible for housing, Mervyn Storey, to my call for the right to buy to operate here as it does in England and Wales (Write Back, May 1).

Though I am fully aware of the system operating here, the points I have been making focused on not just the use of a right to buy system itself, but also on ensuring that the money from these sales is used to build more new, affordable homes and maintain the housing stock for those needing to rent.

If, as according to Minister Storey, everything in the housing garden is so perfectly rosy, why are there lengthy housing waiting lists? Why are there so few pensioner bungalows?

Why are young families struggling to get a house near to where they were brought up and have family relations?

Of course, the issue of a bedroom tax raises and begs the question: are housing association tenants excepted or not, due to the Executive subsidy on the tax?

Are tenants buying up three-bedroom homes and is the Housing Executive replacing these for other families to rent?

Facts and figures will reveal the true position. They need to be provided by the minister.


Leader, Ukip Northern Ireland

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