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Ministers must set example to the electorate

In the wake of Irisgate, the conduct of DUP politicians over Cardinal Daly's funeral has been forgotten.

When Peter Robinson did issue a belated statement about the Cardinal, much of it was about the media and not the Cardinal.

He did not attend the funeral. Two other members of the party travelled to Armagh, but did not attend the service because they "could not fully participate" (whatever that means).

Last year, Gregory Campbell did not attend the funeral service of a Catholic constituent who had been battered to death by a mob.

These people should set an example. These attitudes must be put behind to let us all share a future of mutual respect.

It is time for Mr Robinson and Mrs Foster to show that they want to be First Ministers for all the people. If these attitudes do not change, then really this country is going nowhere.


Warrenpoint, Co Down