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Minority groups don't need to be defined by labels

Steven Agnew (DebateNI, July 31) proclaims his advocacy for LGBTQ rights and highlights issues this community faces in terms of societal acceptance and stigmatisation. I think the same article, unintentionally, provided a possible clue as to why this can occur.

Mr Agnew appears to take pride in helping set up the Queer Greens group. My query is why could they not just be plain, simple, run-of-the-mill Greens? What have sexual proclivities got to do with it?

Most members of "accepted" society are not primarily identifiable by their sexual practices and tend to only share such with their nearest and dearest.

My dictionary defines "society" as "living associated with others". Too many minority groups seem to distance themselves, both psychologically and physically, from the mainstream by setting up sub-groups.

What is wrong with celebrating the thing they have in common and just being Green, or whatever?

Ditch the labels that divide us and we will all live a lot happier.



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