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Mismatches not in spirit of GAA

It's a phenomenal achievement to get to the All-Ireland quarter-finals in Croke Park, but I doubt the Fermanagh and Kildare players will ever remember it like that.

Realistically, they didn't expect to win, but to be beaten by such massive margins is unnecessary and humiliating. This is the sort of thing that causes the depression issues the GAA is trying to combat.

Players taking a break from employment, or having only part-time work commitments in order to dedicate all of their efforts to fitness and nutrition, will only result in more games like we saw at the weekend.

It's not a level playing field. Any team that has to play against Kerry, or Dublin, are lambs to the slaughter. With the result obvious before the game even begins, it's also not very entertaining for fans who pay a lot of money for tickets.

I love Kerry and Dublin, but this is against the spirit of the GAA and should be discouraged.


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