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Misunderstood ECT can and does work

In reply to B Daniels (Write Back, April 20) regarding the use of ECT in hospitals, I totally disagree with the viewpoint aired.

Last autumn I became unwell and fell into a severe depression, which led to me being admitted to hospital.

My condition continued to deteriorate, despite receiving medication. As a last resort, and after discussion with my consultant and my family, I received ECT twice a week. After the fifth treatment, I started to feel more like myself. I received four further treatments (nine in total).

I feel that I came back totally from the brink of death and that it was down to two factors - the first being the power of prayer.

Many people who knew me personally all kept me and my family in their prayers.

The other factor was my undergoing ECT. I am convinced that without this treatment I may have died. Certainly, I would never have made the recovery that, thankfully, I have made.

On leaving hospital three months later, I was supported at home by my health trust and my GP.

I can never thank those people who took care of my physical, mental and prayer needs enough. My recovery at home is ongoing and I feel that every day since leaving hospital is a bonus day.

Our health service is so often criticised, but my experience has been one of receiving excellent care through the dedication and hard work of doctors, nurses, the home treatment team, care assistants, dietitians, chaplains, occupational therapists, GPs and catering and cleaning staff.

Thanks and gratitude to all who played their part.


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