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MLAs focus on petty issues in midst of crisis

As a Northern Irish graduate, who has moved to England, I was most impressed during my recent visit by the developments that have occurred in Belfast.

I had the pleasure of visiting the new Titanic museum on Easter Sunday and believe that the attraction deserves a 'world-class' rating.

However, I could not help but feel exasperated upon reading the headline in the Belfast Telegraph (News, April 11): "We want tricolour to fly at Stormont."

While Northern Ireland has much to celebrate in terms of advancements made in culture and the arts, the country also leaves much to be desired.

Child poverty rates are higher in Northern Ireland than any other region of the UK and 7% of the working population are currently unemployed.

Why, when faced with such pressing problems, do our MLAs continue to focus on such frivolous issues?

With a pay rise of 11% to be awarded to MLAs from next April, I hope that the Assembly proves its worth by turning its attention from petty point-scoring to the members of our population who are experiencing great hardship.


Holywood, Co Down

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