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MLAs must hold line against gay marriage lobby

I find Steven Agnew's comment (DebateNI, October 27) that "the ultimate goal is for everyone to be free to live, laugh and love and be whatever they want to be without fear of intimidation or insecurity" rather disingenuous, in the light of the intimidation of opponents of same-sex marriage and the millions of dollars of US money that is being poured into the coffers of organisations which are for same-sex marriage, just as they were before the Irish referendum.

And does the "everyone" include same-sex cousins and siblings "marrying", as suggested by Irish senator David Norris?

Or the two Canadian gay men who divorced from each other after a year recently in order to bring a third man into their home and who now want equal rights for a threesome?

I hope our MLAs will look at the big picture and not be blinded by the propaganda coming from the gay lobby.


Tandragee, Co Armagh

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