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MLAs put Gaza debate before spiralling costs

Is Northern Ireland going to hell in a handcart?

On Thursday evening, the BBC news revealed that the Land Registry department had commissioned a computer system from BT which, for the design, installation and initial operation, had been priced by BT at £46m.

Consequently, for whatever reason, the cost had spiralled to £78m.

On hearing this I felt that such an outrageous bungle by a government department with such misuse of public funds would create a public uproar.

Well, today nothing could be further from the truth.

The BBC seemed to drop the story and our elected representatives had loftier decisions to take as they were more concerned about the situation in Gaza and had called an emergency debate on that issue.

At a time when these same MLAs are warning us about austerity measures, what sort of checks and balances do they place on our hard-earned taxes to allow a disgraceful overspend such as this?

Are the lunatics at last in charge of the asylum?



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