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MLAs unite to desecrate God

ALL 108 MLAs voted for the desecration of the Lord's Day by proposing to allow the NW200 to be run on a Sunday if the weather on Saturday is not suitable.

This was passed under "accelerated passage" and can be implemented with 24 hours' notice.

The existing law does not permit Sunday racing, because it prevents churches on the circuit from having their services as normal.

This new legislation is a violation of the Lord's Day and breaks the Fourth Commandment, as given in Exodus (20: 8-11) and Genesis (2: 1-3); it also violates the civil and religious liberties of Christians under European equality legislation. It is a shame that the only thing all 108 MLAs are united on is breaking God's law.

And a large number of MLAs are professed born-again Christian believers, which makes it even more disgusting in God's sight.


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