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Mobile phones becoming a scourge in schools

I write with reference to your very relevant article, 'Parents must learn to safeguard children on net' (News, March 2).

Mobile phones, with their advanced photo/video capabilities and their instant access to the internet and so a local, or even worldwide, audience, have become a scourge in our schools.

They make it extremely easy for bullies/paedophiles to operate, threats to be made and lies spread.

Teachers can be ridiculed, accusations made and reputations shredded in seconds, with embarrassing and hurtful photos/ videos/words beamed everywhere around the globe.

Also: we have the associated problems and headaches to school staff arising from mobiles being stolen while in school.

Impossibly, teachers, on top of every other social/parenting duty dumped on them by society, are now meant to include policing mobile phone use on their responsibility list.

And, by the way, I have no problem with a child keeping a mobile in their bag to inform a parent about a change in home times, etc.

But mobiles out during the school day, except, of course, in an emergency? No.



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