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Moloney's bizarre accusations sad to witness

IN the latest, bizarre accusation, Belfast Project director Ed Moloney claims that materials for the project were "lost" by me, as Burns Librarian at Boston College (News, July 29).

As Ed Moloney well knows, the materials were not lost; rather, they were never received, in clear violation of his contractual obligation.

When this project began, I had a good deal of faith and trust in Ed Moloney. I admired his work and we became friends.

Our relationship was very amicable, but it deteriorated rapidly after the issuance of the Dolours Price subpoenas.

Ed Moloney insisted that the tapes be burned, destroyed, or returned to him. I explained that I could not violate a subpoena and, therefore, refused to return the tapes, as it would have been a crime to do so. That incident severed our relationship.

Since then, Ed Moloney has consistently deflected any blame from himself onto me and Professor Thomas Hachey at Boston College. He has made several false allegations against me.

The Belfast Project was an opportunity to record the stories of paramilitaries, which otherwise would have been lost to posterity. It was a noble effort. It involved a great deal of work and risk for all concerned and it is sad to witness it devolve into a character assassination in which Ed Moloney refuses to accept responsibility for a project he himself was entrusted to manage.

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Burns Librarian, Boston College, USA

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