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Money for IRA man an insult to law abiders

I find it totally insufficient for the Criminal Injuries Compensation Appeals Panel just to blandly issue a statement saying that they have awarded a substantial monetary payment to a mother and grandmother for the loss, pain and suffering they endured on the murder of their son/grandson Kieran Doherty.

Kieran Doherty was a member of the IRA. He was murdered by the same IRA.

Surely if the IRA murdered one of its own organisation that is sufficient reason to deny, or at the very least question, this award of compensation.

Along with this is a very substantial monetary payment, and the free legal costs (taxpayers' money) must also be taken into account, plus those of the Compensation Appeals Panel members.

Now add to that the obvious possibility that this award will/may set a precedent for the family of every Sean, John, Billy and Seamus, of both sides of our cursed conflict, to jump on the band wagon and claim that they too, have suffered similarly.

Is there no-one in the Stormont Assembly that can stand up and speak for the innocent victims? I ask, what type of hell do our politicians want us to live under?

Terrorists, of whatever hue, are still terrorists and deserve nothing but contempt from the law abiding people who have obeyed the law and order of society, and maintained neighbourliness with each other, irrespective on one's different faith, throughout the conflict. If anybody deserves a monetary award it is them.

Harry Stephenson


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