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Monica's brave decision helps cancer patients

Kircubbin, Co Downs

I am sure that anyone who has ever had cancer, or is already going through treatment for cancer, along with those who may be at the 'concerned' stage in believing they may have cancer, will be most comforted by Monica McWilliams's article on Monday, October 28.

It was very courageous of Monica to detail her experiences so openly, as most people are generally reluctant to discuss that they have it at all.

Having had Non Hodgkins Disease, (cancer of the lymph nodes) followed by prostate cancer, along with an asbestos-related cancer in the chest, now cured and on annual check-ups for all three, it goes without saying I endorse every blessing and thanks Monica conveys to those who have treated, and are/or presently treating her.

Cancer is a horribly frightening disease. It sends a chill right through you when you are first diagnosed, but I believe positive thinking can help.

Those who treat cancer patients deserve our deepest thanks and gratitude, as they surely belong to the 'special' brigade of the NHS.


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