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Morality before expediency

We, as unashamed evangelicals, take great exception to being referred to as people of limited understanding when it comes to the reality of politics by Alf McCreary (Belfast Telegraph, September 15).

It should come as no surprise that some of the population still put morality before political expedience, regardless of the cost.

We would like Mr McCreary to show us, from Scripture, the morality of having unrepentant terrorists in the government of our country.

It is fortunate that we had men of the calibre of Winston Churchill in government during the Second World War and not those with the political prowess of Alf McCreary.

On the other hand, perhaps Mr Churchill should have called a truce with Hitler and agreed to allow some members of the German High Command to take their seats at Westminster. After all, it may have shortened the war, regardless of Nazi crimes.

R and D McCartney, Newtownabbey

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