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More important issues than petty tribal squabbles

The current Stormont Executive is playing the wrong game. They say that they are working for all the people of Northern Ireland. They say they support and represent their electorate; then, as an afterthought, they mention "everyone in Northern Ireland".

Obviously, they have not lifted their horizons above petty tribal issues. They have not taken on the responsibility of looking for solutions to the problems which affect everyone in Northern Ireland.

What on earth has the Irish language or parading got to do with policing and justice? Or education or financial dependence?

The issues are much more fundamental than the petty squabbles in which our political leaders indulge.

We are heavily dependent upon hand outs from Westminster and, increasingly, Dublin. We need to be more self-sufficient and we need to do this ourselves or else it will be forced upon us. We need to put people into positions of political leadership who are focussed, willing and capable of making the necessary progress.

To many of us, the politicians have failed and devolved government, which they all say they want, is failing during their watch.




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