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More killing will not bring end to trouble

THREE men are walking in a park. We'll call them Obama, Cameron and Hollande. They see two little boys fighting. We'll call them Basha and Rebel.

Basha is wearing a T-shirt with a cat on it, Rebel one with a dog. Obama says to the other two, "I don't like cats" and the others agree.

They walk over to where the boys are fighting and kick the hell out of Basha, then turn around and walk away again, very pleased with themselves.

"That's how you bring freedom and democracy to them," they say.

Can someone explain to me which is the best way to die – shot in a primary school in the US midwest, having poison injected into you with dozens of people gawking, having a drone drop a bomb on you, being burnt by napalm, having an atomic bomb land on your city, or being bombed with chemical weapons?

I, for one, don't believe that killing a whole lot of people to stop them killing a whole lot of people can ever be right.


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