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More must be done to make cycling safer

As a commuting cyclist and weekend driver, I understand we all share the road. Most drivers and cyclists do a very good job of it.

Most drivers are polite and respectful to cyclists and most cyclists law-abiding and understanding.

I do see the odd cyclist slipping through red lights, usually very tentatively and not causing any problem. On the other hand, I regularly see illegal driving that does cause risks to others.

I agree we should all stop at red lights, but why is it okay for drivers to stop on the advanced cycle lanes (Rule 178), to park on yellow lines (Rule 238), to park within 10 meters of a junction (Rule 243), to park on a pavement (Rule 244), to not give priority to people crossing side roads (Rule 170), to park on school zig-zag markings (Rule 238) and to drive above the speed limit (Rule 124)?

As regards objections to helmet-cams, firstly, there is a massive market in dash-cams; secondly, I don't wear a helmet-cam, but am close to buying one purely to record the evidence of the roughly monthly road rage from drivers.

While I totally agree it is too dangerous out there and I am very frustrated that it is unsafe for my children to cycle to school, "Get off your bikes" is no solution to urban congestion, nor the fitness crises gripping the health service.

We need a much more enlightened policy on shared road use.


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