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More must be spent on child medical care

I HAVE every compassion for our elderly. I have elderly relatives, who I love dearly, but it doesn't change my view on the issue of healthcare.

Spend a day in a children's cancer ward and perhaps then look at how much funding goes into childhood cancer research – very little.

They say childhood cancer is rare. Not rare enough from what I can see.

The priority, it would seem, is elderly people. If you need a call-out from a doctor for yourself, or your child, you've very little hope. If it's an elderly person, they're out in a heartbeat.

We need to look after our old people. That goes without saying.

But a person in their nineties has lived a long life; a child of three with cancer has not.

Let's start pumping more money into those little ones' treatments and medical advances, so that they too can have the chance of living to 90.


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