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More needs to be done to stop road carnage

When on earth are the PSNI and the Roads Service going to get their act together and stop the carnage on the A26 Antrim to Ballymena dual carriageway?

This is an excellent road and yet it runs red with the blood of countless victims of the hundreds of speed merchants and road-hogs who travel along it every day at speeds of 90-110 mph.

In spite of yet another tragic accident last week, I did not notice any police presence at all on the A26 this morning on my regular commute from Ballymena to Belfast.

Come on, PSNI and Roads Service: please, please, please get your act together to stop the carnage.

Some joined-up working - i.e a regular police speed-trap at a different point on the road and DRD national speed limit/speed camera signs - is all that is needed to rid this road of the speed merchants and road-hogs who continue to make such a a dangerous commute every day for the ordinary, law-abiding motorist.


Ballymena, Co Antrim

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