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More school buses would ease traffic

Hooray, it is half-term again. How do I know this? The free-flowing traffic in Belfast in the mornings and evenings tells me.

We all notice this at every half-term, don't we? And time and time again most of us realise that the cars containing schoolchildren should be reduced in number.

How should this be done? By following the policy in the US. This entails compulsory school bussing. We have all seen the yellow buses, either on film, or in the flesh. Each bus represents the equivalent of between 20 and 30 parents' cars.

What a difference this would make to our early-morning traffic in greater Belfast. It is, of course, the difference that we are enjoying this week.

Provision of school buses should be a fraction of the cost of other 'solutions' for traffic congestion, such as road-widening, computerised traffic signalling and many more.

Such a system deserves examination, because the reward of success would be considerable. Our politicians should try this lateral thinking by conducting trials.

They would cost a great deal less than the fuel being guzzled by cars on the school run every day.



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