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More worth living for than God alone


Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Donald J Morrison (Write Back, June 22) expresses pity towards humanists.

Mr Morrison's reasoning is that, by rejecting God, they leave themselves "nothing to live for and nothing to die for".

This is an unusual line of reasoning, to say the least. It relies on the assumption that nothing but God is worth living, or dying, for.

The smile of a newborn baby, the twinkle of the stars on a clear night, the rustling of leaves on a woodland walk and the rising cadence of a great symphony are mere distractions from Mr Morrison's nihilistic catechism.

The joy and wonder of finding the love of one's life and expressing that love in a wedding ceremony is, to him, not merely not worth living for, it is not even allowed to be called a marriage without being placed in quotation marks.

I can only respond with sincere pity for anyone snared, as he is, by the bleakest theology ever to dress itself up as faith.

Ciaran Mac Lochlainn

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