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Morrow Bill is better than Fionola states

I was extremely bemused after reading Fionola Meredith's article on the anti-trafficking Bill currently out to consultation at Stormont (Comment, September 12).

Having looked at the Bill online, I was struck by the disconnect between Fionola's account of it and what it actually proposes and left with the overriding feeling that she is moved more by a dislike of Lord Morrow than any concern about the issues which his Bill seeks to address.

It certainly does address paying for sex, but that is only a small part of a much bigger Bill, which, unfortunately for Ms Meredith, is profoundly progressive.

On paying for sex, it just so happens that this is a major driver for trafficking to Northern Ireland, so addressing this demand more comprehensively than the current law is certainly worthwhile.

Sweden has seen a nearly 50% drop in prostitution and all its attendant suffering, thanks to their legislation.



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