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Mother selfish on costs of childcare

I suspect that the article 'My childcare costs are more than my salary:..' (Belfast Telegraph, Aug 21) was meant to instil a sense of sympathy in the reader regarding Sharon McKeown's situation. Well, Ms McKeown found none in this quarter for her apparent selfish attitude.

Ms McKeown chose to have children, only to expect others to look after them and the taxpayer to subsidise this care whilst she is free to pursue a career. That these carers are likely paid a much lower salary than a social worker for a longer working week puts a different perspective on things.

The professional carers who look after children are subject to educational qualifications, criminal scrutiny, rigorous health and safety legislation and costly public liability insurance, where there are no such requirements on parents. The figures in the article of £155-£162 per week for 50 hours care, or £3 per hour, appears to me to be exceptional value.

The realisation must dawn on some members of society that having children is not a 'right', but rather a great responsibility. As such it requires careful and considered thought as to the consequences and sacrifices that come with it, even if that means placing a career on hold for a while.

The remainder of society should not be expected to pay for your choices.


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