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Mother's courage can strengthen our resolve

On Sunday past, thousands of Ireland's mothers celebrated Mother's Day. They were showered with cards and gifts - and rightly so.

Compare this to what I witnessed on television: one heartbroken, grief-stricken, but very courageous mother, holding her head high as she faced the television cameras and tried to come to terms with the senseless killing of her beloved son, Ronan.

Tears do not come easy to me, but the tears I shed, were followed with anger at the people who carried out this senseless, macabre murder; a murder that will achieve nothing to further the aims of Ireland's unification.

Quite the contrary: actions like this only delay Ireland's unification; both governments on this island have declared their stand on this issue and the people of these 32 counties have endorsed that stand. There will be no going back to the slaughter of the people by terrorists of whatever ilk. These people must be brought to justice - if only to keep alive the memory of PSNI officer Ronan Kerr.

On the bright side, the positive message was the courage of Mrs Kerr in appealing to anyone with information to give it to the Police Service - the same Police Service her son laid down his life for.

That request displayed the utmost bravery. Another positive message was the minute's silence by both players and spectators prior to the GAA game between Tyrone and Kildare, along with the Tyrone manager's condemnation of the murder - a man still dealing with the pain of losing his beloved daughter. That said it all for me.


Kircubbin, Co Down