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Motorists driven round the bend

The Government seems hell-bent on hitting the motorist at every opportunity it can; from the proposed metering on provincial streets to doing everything to drive motorists out of Belfast.

They have now installed meters in a car-park which has been free to park in since it was opened many decades ago, the car park at Ashdale Street behind Wyse Byes on the Newtownards Road.

I frequently used that car-park until I saw only three cars in it and got the answer as soon as I saw the meters. I made an about-turn. Now the surrounding streets are full of parked cars.

As the Government is so keen on metering, they should without delay have them installed in and around Stormont and have the Assembly members and all who 'work' there pay for doing so.

And I don't mean using their tax-free allowances, but out of their own pockets.



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